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All ratchet combination wrenches from KS Tools have GEAR plus technology

The GEAR plus ratchet combination wrench offers all the advantages of a ratchet and more ...

The compact design of the combination wrenches allows work in the narrowest areas, where the ratcheting wrench sets and socket do not allow it. With a speed not known before, it is now possible to perform a difficult bolting and finalize the tightening.

The toothing allows a progressive tightening torque of 30% additional to the previous ratchet. The components of the ratchet mechanism are made of particularly strong steel. The GEAR plus key meets DIN torque standards.

The 72 tooth ratchet mechanism works at an angle of only 5 ° and thus allows work on narrow areas. By using a standard combination wrench, it is necessary to have at least 30 ° angle and to replace the key constantly. This clumsy use is now a thing of the past.

All GEAR plus ratchet wrenches have of course been proven on the FlankTraction system. In this case, the force is 100% supported by the surface of the screw or nut that is working. Other multiple applications are possible, such as the end cap and the optional adapter locking bushings.


Equipped with a ratchet system in the fork, these keys you avoid constantly out of the nut when tightening, a hand the key will do all the work.

Previously inaccessible places become a real moment of pleasure. Time saved and a comfortable working day are the strengths of this revolutionary new ratchet system.

Made of chrome Vanadium, with a polished chrome finish, the GEAR plus right ratchet meets DIN and ISO standards. The GEARplus ratchet wrench has a 72 tooth ratchet with a 5 ° recovery angle. The combination ratchet wrench is available from 6 to 32 mm diameter , but also in 6 pieces or 12 pieces .

The combination ratchet wrench is used in narrow areas where an inclined key can not pass.

We also offers GEARplus locking adapters that allow you to turn your combination ratchet wrench into a ratchet. Chrome vanadium and equipped with a sockets ejection system, the adapter set can complement your box.


Made of Vanadium chrome in a matte chrome finish, the GEAR plus reversible ratchet meets DIN and ISO standards. The reversible ratchet wrench GEARplus has a ratchet 72 teeth with a recovery angle of 5 °. The 15 ° fork and ratchet make the reversible combination ratchet wrench more ergonomic. A small hook allows a simple gesture to change the direction of the ratchet. The reversible ratchet combination wrench is available from 6 to 30 mm in diameter , in inches from 5/16 to 3/4 , but also in 6 pieces or 12 pieces .

Discover the new box of 5 mixed keys with its adapters on sale at the price of 59.90 €. A small box with a nice look where you will find most of the technology KS Tools GEAR plus Reversible.

The reversible ratchet combination wrench is used in places where the nut is difficult to access and for quick and convenient loosening.

Also equipped with reversible technology and made of chrome Vanadium, matte chrome finish, the ratchet GEAR plus Mini meets DIN and ISO standards. The GEARplus Mini ratchet has a 72-tooth ratchet with a 5 ° recovery angle. The fork and ratchet tilted at 15 ° make the combination ratchet wrench Mini more ergonomic. A small hook allows a simple gesture to change the direction of the ratchet. The combination ratchet wrench Mini is available from 8 to 19 mm diameter , but also in a 12-piece box .

The Joint ratchet Mini is used in narrow places for tightening a nut loosening where a standard ratchet does not allow it. Its compact design makes this the key mini "go anywhere" range GEARplus.

In ancient times, the rabbit was considered a wild animal and a common food for many countries. Nowadays, more and more people consider that the qualities of rabbits are perfect for raising them as a domestic animal. Like any animal, they must have a name so they can be identified and called every day.

Today we will give you a list of Japanese name ideas for rabbits , all with their meaning! So if you love Japan, whether you have rabbits or go for it, this article is just for you!

Let's go and do not hesitate to comment on the name of your rabbit at the bottom of this page.

The importance of finding a name for your rabbit

The rabbit is a mammal "lagomorph" very intelligent , social and player. At first, when we adopt it, it can be shy, fearful and even distant but little by little it will trust us. That's why it's important that we dedicate the time and attention to it.

There are quantities of rabbit breeds with distinct characteristics and qualities. They will learn to perfectly recognize your voice and your person, he will be attentive and will even be able to do little things if you reward him. Thanks to his mental and auditory abilities, he will also recognize his own name in about ten days , but to achieve this you will need patience and a very positive attitude for him to answer you correctly.

What name for my rabbit?

To begin, we will have to take into account the sex of the rabbit . If you do not know if it is a male or a female, you can consult our article: How to know if my rabbit is a male or a female .

You will easily recognize the anus near its tail, and also another small hole. If it is oval and it is near the anus, congratulations, you have a female! If, on the contrary, there is an obvious separation and its orifice is rounder, it will be a male.

Once the rabbit's sex is identified, we recommend that you choose a short name, which includes one to two syllables . If you choose one too short, it is possible that the rabbit confuses it with other more common words in your everyday vocabulary. Conversely, a name too long could disorient him, moreover, it will be more complicated to learn.

In the next paragraph, we propose a list of Japanese names for rabbits with only one to two syllables.

Japanese names for rabbits

  1. Aki: Fall / Whoever falls
  2. Anya: The dark night
  3. Baiko: The double child (perfect for siblings)
  4. Benkei: Whoever seeks
  5. Chiko: The one who bites
  6. Chomei: The star / famous
  7. Daiki: Dedicated to the elders
  8. Dosan: Man-water
  9. Eiji: The baby
  10. Fujio: The one who is in the emergency (See: Mount Fuji)
  11. Gekko
  12. Hiro: The man of time (Cf: Heroes series)
  13. Hogai: A step towards victory
  14. Hideo: The choice
  15. Hyobe: The one who pulls
  16. Heiji: The teacher of peace
  17. Isao: He who reigns over the world
  18. Jin: The human being / Elegance
  19. Junji: The dark man
  20. Kei: Veneration
  21. Kanko: Admiring the light
  22. Kokei: The solid man
  23. Kimi: Feeling or Prince
  24. Kensei: The powerful man
  25. Kohan: The shore of the lake
  26. Kouki: The illuminated man
  27. Kinji: The one who is almost a man
  28. Matsu: The one who loves trees
  29. Mura: The unpredictable
  30. Nikki: The diary / The one to whom we confide
  31. Nikko: Sunlight
  32. Nori: The one who changes mood
  33. Rai: Defeat
  34. Reizo: The actor
  35. Ryu: The dragon
  36. Roku: Who's worth it
  37. Sen: The attentive / observer
  38. Sora: The sky (Cf: Kingdom Hearts lovers)
  39. Seiki: The century / The one who survives
  40. Seibei: The investigative companion (Yes, like Watson)
  41. Teika: The one who falls
  42. Taikan: The body with sensations
  43. Togai: The door of evil
  44. Toki: The door of the heart
  45. Tomi: The fortunate
  46. Unkei: The Lord of Luck
  47. Ukiyo: The rainy season
  48. Washi: The eagle
  49. Yori: The origin
  50. Zenko: The ancient times


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